Top 10 Best Food Processors in India for 2020 : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In today’s world where every adult member of the family is working, it becomes immensely difficult to provide home cooked meal for everyone in the family. There is simply lack of time and energy. Hence, you end up ordering your food from restaurants which is usually unhealthy. No processors are your saviour. Food processors provide a faster way to cook meals as they come with a lot of features to prepare the meal. However, the question arises: which is the best food processor in India? Let us take you into the world of food processors to help you know the features of the best food processors in India.

Things to look out for in a Food Processor

There are a number of choices you get when you go out to buy a food processor. Many features are common in all food processors while some are unique to the particular brand or particular model. We will discuss here the basic pointers to select the best food processor brand as well as the best food processor models available for your home.

1. Power of Motor

The motor is the basic component of any machine. The performance of a food processor is dependent on the power of its motor. Starting with 600 Watts, food processors come in a wide range of motor power.

The higher the power of the motor, the better and faster the food processor will work. It also affects the overall life of the food processor.

2. Capacity

The capacity of a food processor is another point on which you can select the model of the food processor you want. If you are a single person living alone, you will need a smaller food processor. On the other hand, if you are living in a joint family, you will need a larger capacity food processor.

3. Features

The features of the food processor depend on how many attachments and accessories it has. Some food processors come with a lot of attachments for different kinds of uses, while others come with the basic attachments only.

Attachments like a citrus juice maker, kneader, slicer, grater, blades of various types and thicknesses, choppers and many others are included in today’s modern food processors. The price of the food processor will depend on the versatility of the uses of the food processor.

4. Size and weight

In India we have an option to select from a large variety of food processors. The size varies from a basic three cup processor to a 20 cup processor fit for restaurant use.

If you are not in the restaurant business, you might not need a 20 cup processor. For a normal family of four or five people, a 10 cup processor is enough. However, if you are a family of 2 or a single person, you might not have the use of a 10 cup processor. In such a case, a 3 cup processor is alright for your use.

5. Ease of use

As is with any machine, the more attachments or features it has, the more it becomes difficult to use. So is the case with food processors too. A basic food processor with just the features of grinding and mixing is a lot easier and simpler to use than a food processor with a plethora of different attachments. If you are tech savvy, you can easily learn to use these attachments in a day or two. However, it becomes difficult for some people to remember all the functions and they either end up breaking a thing or two, or not use all the functions of the food processor.

If you think you can adjust well with the technology, you should go for a complex food processor as this type of food processor will make your life much easier. You can actually cook a lot faster by using all the functions of the food processor.

6. Budget

Budget plays an important part in the decision making process. A food processor with many attachments comes at a huge price while a simpler food processor is cheaper. Also, the power of motor plays a part in the pricing. So you should decide how much you want to invest in the food processor and then move forward to decide which one to buy. The price of the food processor is very important while making this decision.

Types of Food Processors

There are many types of food processors available in the market nowadays. If we classify the food processors based on the functions they are able to perform, we have the following types of food processors:

1. Blender

A blender is the most basic type of food processor. It is mainly used for liquids and soft food. As the name suggests, a blender is used for blending of food rather than chopping, cutting or kneading. The uses of blender are limited and so is the price. A blender will not cost you much; however it is very handy and easy to use.

2. Hand operated

A hand operated food processor is basically for chopping of fruits and vegetables. You can put the fruit or vegetable on the blade of the chopper and press the top of the food processor down. This will result in cutting of the vegetables. The main advantage of this kind of food processor is that it is very simple to use. No mechanics are involved in the making so the maintenance cost is almost zero. Also, being small, it is easier to clean and store this kind of food processor. However, the main drawback of this food processor is that it does not have any functions apart from chopping and cutting. You cannot use it for blending, kneading dough or for any other use. It is also cheaper to buy these types of food processors.

3. Mini-food processors

When we normally think of a food processor, we think of these machines. Being mechanical, they serve more than one purpose. You can make juice, shakes or smoothies using the blender option. You can also use the grinder option to grind the food to your desired consistency. Additionally, these can be used to make semi solid foods such as chutneys or salsa.

This kind of food processor is ideal for small households where you do not want to use any complex functions. These are found in most Indian households.

4. Full sized food processor

The food processor which comes with the facility of chopping, cutting, making juices, kneading dough, shredding, grating and many more functions is a full sized food processor. If your family members are foodies and you are interested in cooking, this will serve to be the best tool for your cooking adventures. It not only saves time but also lots of efforts when you want to cook multiple things or you want to cook for many people. It will give you freedom from the menial tasks of cooking so that you can concentrate on more important aspects. It serves as your helping hand.

With different types of functions, you can just change the blade and it will give you a totally different result. Your food processor comes with a lot of blades to choose from for your convenience. Despite being pricier, many households are now switching over to this kind of food processors so that the ladies have some free time too.

How does a Food Processor work?

A food processor is basically a motor attached to a bowl with a blade and a lid. The motor rotates, rotating the blade in the bowl. The food is to be put in the bowl and covered with the lid so that it does not spill out due to the force of the motor.

Depending on the use of the blade, the blade is made up of either stainless steel or hard plastic. The different types of blades allow the user to use the machine in different ways. For example, a plastic blade made of two shafts is used for kneading the dough, while a four sided steel blade is used for grinding.

For a detailed insight, check out the explanation on how food processors work

Different Attachments of a Food Processor

Every food processor has different sets of attachments. We have explained below some of the attachments of the food processor for your better understanding:

1. Bowls and Lids

A food processor generally comes with different sets of bowls for different uses. Small sized food processors come with 1, medium sized with 3 and a full sized food processor might come with more than three bowls.

The capacity of the bowls differs in accordance with the use they are to be put to. Smaller bowls are generally for grinding while bigger bowls are for kneading and grating. Bowls should always be used with proper lids to keep the food inside. If not used properly, you might harm yourself or your family member.

2. Control

A food processor comes with a control system to control the function as well as the speed of the motor. A feature of a good food processor is the control it gives in the hands of its users. You can turn the food processor on and off with a switch. There are dials to control the speed. Different brands of food processors have different control systems. You should be familiar with the method to use your food processor by operating the controls.

3. Inserts and disks

Most of the food processors come with various types of inserts and disks for carrying out various functions. An insert or a disk should be properly placed to avoid any mishaps. These inserts will define how your food will be processed. The examples of inserts are thick or thin slicer, a thick or thin grater, etc. You should know which inserts to use for your particular need.

4. Blades

Blades actually define the objective of a food processor. Different kinds of blades are used for different kinds of work. The food product that you want to process also makes the difference in the blade you use. For instance, you cannot use the same blade to grind turmeric and nuts. Nuts are much softer than turmeric. Know your blades thoroughly before using otherwise you may cause damage to the machine or yourself.

5. Citrus Juicer

Citrus juicer is one of the main features of a food processor. You can make fruit or vegetable juices at home without any trouble by using the citrus juicer.

Best Food Processor Models in India

Let us have a look at some of the best food processors in India and the features of all of them.

1. Inalsa Fiesta 650 Watt Food Processor

Inalsa Fiesta 650 Watt Food Processor

The Inalsa food processor fiesta 650 Watts is the number 1 on our list as it is affordable yet performs well enough for small families. The 650 W motor is made of 100% copper which is then protected by overload protector. It is useful for all the activities like grinding, chopping, churning, kneading, shredding, slicing, etc. The precision of the slices is extraordinary which gives your food a chef’s look. The blades are made of high quality steel to ensure fine chopping. This processor comes with 2 jars: a 1.5 L Polycarbonate BPA-Free Blender Jar and a 1L stainless steel multipurpose jar.

It comes with 3 speed options to use as per your requirements. It also features a pulse function for extra boost when you need it. The safety of the food processor is ensured by its off function when the motor gets over heated and also the motor will not start unless the jar is locked in its place.

  • The steel jars are durable
  • Warranty of 5 years by Inalsa
  • Affordable
  • 650 w is sometimes less powerful
  • The plastic jars are not that durable

2. Philips Daily Collection HR7627/00 650 Watt Mini Food Processor

Philips Daily Collection HR7627/00 650 Watt Mini Food Processor

This food processor is very good for small families. With a motor speed of 650 Watts, it gives you 2 speed options. It is very simple to start working on this food processor as it does not require any installation. You can take reference of the user guide which comes with the food processor if you have any queries. It also features power chop technology for superior performance. It has a 2.1 litre bowl. The lid comes with a feeding tube to put fruits and vegetables in the bowl. It has a very good feature of emulsifying for cream and egg whites for your recipes. It comes with multiple blades for multiple uses.

A very important feature is the built-in locking mechanism for the safety of the users which restrains the food processor to start if it is not locked properly.

  • Bigger feed tube
  • Powerchip technology
  • Affordable
  • Only one year warranty
  • Not powerful enough for a big family

3. Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700 Watt Food Processor

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700 Watt Food Processor

This is a food processor by Inalsa which has a 700 W motor. It does not occupy much space and still it carries out all your functions like grinding, mixing, blending and juicing. You can use this food processor for chopping, shredding, slicing and also for emulsifying foods. You can also use this food processor for preparation of baked meals like beating the eggs or cake batter, kneading the bread dough, grinding meats and vegetables, etc.

The jars, made from high quality stainless steel, are 1.5 L, 1 L and 500 ml in volume. The feeder tube on the processor lid is wide enough to insert cheese or vegetables in the grater. The maintenance of this food processor is very easy. It is silent in its performance thus giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Includes juicer
  • Unbreakable jars
  • Affordable
  • Gets noisy after some use

4. Inalsa INOX 1000 Watt Food Processor

Inalsa INOX 1000 Watt Food Processor

This is a very smart looking food processor for your contemporary kitchen. It performs all the functions of cutting, chopping, shredding, grating, kneading, making juice, etc. and also occupies less space. The motor is of 1000 W hence giving the machine good amount of power. The 2 jars are made of high quality steel for durability. The 1.5 L blender jar is made up of PC BPA-Free. The capacity of the main bowl is 2.4 L to help you prepare larger meals.

With a large number of attachments, this food processor helps you in every way. It has a 3 speed function to control and manage your speed. The machine will not start if the jars are not locked properly or if the motor is over heated.

  • Occupies less space
  • Powerful motor of 1000W
  • Very fast speed
  • The quality of the plastic used is not that good
  • Some complaints of low grade steel used
  • Some customers face bad service

5. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600 Watt Food Processor

Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600 Watt Food Processor

Bajaj is a leading brand of electronics in India. This food processor by Bajaj comes with 600W power, 18000 RPM speed, 3 speed functions and a pulse function. It comes with 3 jars: 1.5 L unbreakable polycarbonate liquidizing jar with stainless steel blade, 1.0 litre stainless steel grinding jar with multi-function stainless steel blade and 0.3 litre stainless steel chutney jar with stainless steel blade. It performs the functions of grinding, cutting, chopping, kneading, slicing, shredding, grating, etc. with ease. The warranty of the motor is for 5 years and for the product is of 2 years.  The pros and cons of this product can be described as follows:

  • Affordable price
  • Warranty of 2 years on parts and 5 years on motor
  • Low price
  • Low motor capacity of 650 W
  • Complaints have been registered for the quality of material used
  • Limited jars

6. Philips HL1661 700 Watt Food Processor

Philips HL1661 700 Watt Food Processor

This is a very compact food processor by Philips. With a 700 watts motor, this food processor can do all the tasks like chopping, shredding, grating, kneading, grating, making juices, grinding, etc. It comes with 2 bowls, one of 2.1L and other of 1 L. This will give you the flexibility to use it under all the circumstances. It has a jar specially for kneading the dough to make your everyday life easier. The food processor comes with 3 different speed levels.  This food processor has a power requirement of 230v-50Hz. With an energy rating of 5, this food processor is very energy efficient.

  • The material quality is very good
  • Variety of accessories
  • The motor is 700 W which might not be good in comparison to others
  • The blades leak sometimes
  • Costlier in comparison to its competitive products

7. Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650 Watt Mini Food Processor

Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650 Watt Mini Food Processor

This is a highly compact model of food processor by the leading brand Philips. Featuring a motor of 650W, this is one of the best food processor models in India. It has 2 speed capacities and the speed of the blender goes up to 21000 RPM. It has sharp and durable blades which are powered by PowerChop technology for high chopping performance. This food processor comes with various inserts to perform different tasks such as kneading, chopping, churning, grating, shredding, grinding, etc. It requires a power of 650W and a voltage of 220-240 v. The energy rating for this model is 4 which is good for environment as it uses less energy for running.

  • Occupies less space
  • Large feeding tube
  • Smooth running
  • Not enough for big families
  • Lacks a small grinding jar

8. Bajaj FX7 600 Watt Food Processor

Bajaj FX7 600 Watt Food Processor

 One of the best food processors in India is Bajaj FX7. The motor is of 600W capacity. It features 3 speed functions and a pulse function to boost its performance. Apart from this, it comes with 2 stainless steel jars. Moreover, it also has a large capacity unbreakable polycarbonate processing bowl and many attachments for carrying out various functions. With ample safety features, this food processor is ideal for your family. It can carry out functions like kneading, chopping, churning, grinding, grating, shredding, etc. The 18000 RPM motor is fast enough to liquefy your food in seconds. The food processor is sturdy and powerful.

  • Warranty of 2 years on parts and 5 years on motor
  • Affordable
  • Some customers describe it as noisy
  • Occupies more space than its competitors

9. Inalsa Maxie Premia 800 Watt Food Processor

Inalsa Maxie Premia 800 Watt Food Processor

This food processor by Inalsa is one of the best food processors available in the market. The motor capacity is 800 watts which is considered very powerful by any standards. This motor capacity helps it to work for a continuous time of 30 minutes. It comes with 3 jars and 1 bowl. With a lot of attachments included in the food processor, it is possible for you to carry out many tasks of your kitchen like kneading, cutting, chopping, shredding, grating, grinding, etc. It can also make citrus as well as other juices easily. The power requirement is 220-240V with a power consumption of 800W. With the energy rating of 4, Inalsa Maxie Premia is a very good option as it also consumes less power.

  • High motor capacity
  • Service of the company is good
  • Some customers find it noisy

10. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

This is perhaps the best food processors you will find for this price. It boasts the capability to knead your dough in 1 minute and chopping in just 2 pulses. Apart from this, it grates and slices in seconds while minces meat in minutes. It comes with a 750 watt powerful motor. Moreover, it has 3 speed controls and a pulse function. It has safety features for the safety of your family. The food processor comes with 3 jars, 1 kneading jar and 1 juicer jar. It also has many blades for supporting a number of functions. The power required is 230-250v and 50-60 hz. It has a speed of 18000 RPM which helps in efficient working.

  • Very powerful motor
  • Many jars
  • Occupies less space
  • Kneading jar is a bit smaller than others

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I process hot food?

Food processors work better with room temperature foods especially if the food is in liquid form. The liquids might also spill if they are too hot. Therefore, it is not recommended to process hot food.

2. Is my food processor dish washer safe?

Most food processor parts are dish washer safe. However, you should read the individual users’ manual for more information.

3. Do I need to use different speeds for different attachments?

Yes, of course, you need higher speed for liquefying the foods while lower speed for kneading and other activities.

4. What is the pulse function?

A pulse function switch is used to boost the power for small bursts. You can control the amount of time for which to use the function.

5. Can I use my food processor to mince frozen meat?

The chances of the motor and the blade getting damaged while using it for frozen meat are high. So, it is better to thaw the meat first.

6. Can I crush ice in my food processor?

It is possible but not advisable. Use the juicer attachment for crushing ice. Also refer the user manual.

7. Why did my food processor switch off while working?

The motor of your food processor might be over heated or the jar might have not locked properly. If the problem persists, then call the customer support.

8. Can I extract juice from fruits in my food processor?

Yes you can.

9. Can I extract juice from sugarcane in my food processor?

No, you cannot extract juice from sugarcane in a food processor.

For more details, check out our in depth explanation on how to use a food processor

Best Food Processor Brands in India

1. Inalsa

Inalsa is a Spanish brand founded in 1967 which provides food processors in India at an affordable price. It is one of the best brands for food processors known for its low cost and efficiency.  At INALSA, the products comply with stringent GS, CE, RoHS, ISI test standards and are manufactured under ISO quality systems at different production centres. The quality testing norms are very strict. The materials and product designs used are the best in class. This makes Inalsa the best food processor brand in India.

2. Philips

Philips is also considered a good brand of food processor. It is a Dutch company with a huge market of home electronics in India. The brand is so well known in India that the name is enough to buy its products. The customer service and the quality of products is top grade in Philips.

3. Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards has made a name in home appliances category with products like ovens, kettles, coffee makers, food processors, etc. The quality of its products is generally very good and so is the service.

4. Bajaj

Bajaj is the India’s own company manufacturing home appliances. Being an Indian brand, it understands the customers and their requirements. It is a trusted brand giving affordable goods.

5. Prestige

Prestige is also an Indian brand of home appliances. The food processor of Prestige is very good in quality and is also durable. The service of the company is also notable.

New Technologies in Food Processors

Any Indian household has roti at the core of its meals. It is perhaps the most time consuming part of the cooking. Hence, Rotimatic has come up with a robotic roti maker dedicated to the making of rotis only. It was launched in USA first and now they are launching in India. The machine is robotic, so you just have to put flour, oil and water in the compartments and select the type and thickness of the rotis. You will get ready made rotis in no time. There are options of puris and parathas in the machine too. Using artificial intelligence, the robot learns to make better rotis in accordance with your needs as the time passes by.


Conclusively, we can say that you should buy a food processor as soon as you get a chance if you want a helping hand in your kitchen. The rankings on this page are based on our reviews and we have tried our best to give you all the help we can. You can share your experiences and feedback in the comment section below. Till then, Happy Shopping!! 🙂

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