Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India for 2020 : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you love to cook? And do you love that aroma of “Chaunk” or “tadka” that makes your mouth water? That aroma lets the people in the house know what would be on the dinner table today. However, this same aroma is going to be the cause of a mess which would be difficult to clean up after you have cooked. The same aroma is going to turn into suffocating smell after a while. When kitchens were huge with open spaces, this was okay. But in today’s world where homes as well as kitchens have become smaller with very less ventilation, a kitchen chimney has become a mandatory addition to your home.

When many companies are manufacturing chimneys it becomes very confusing for any consumer to take a decision as to which chimney is suitable for their home. Nowadays, chimneys have many different features for different classes of users. Let us explore the best kitchen chimneys in India and the best kitchen chimney brands to help you buy a chimney in accordance with your requirement.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

1. Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – WD TBF HAC 60 MS NERO

Elica has introduced a chimney for your kitchen which is not only elegant in looks but also gives the best performance. If your kitchen is 200 square feet or more, this chimney size will be enough for you. The size of the chimney itself is 60 by 90 centimeter. The company offers a warranty of 5 years on motor and 1 year on the product from the date of purchase. This chimney is listed as one of the best kitchen chimneys in India.

The features of the chimney are as follows:


  • Beautiful curved glass surface
  • Wall mounted product
  • Features Auto clean
  • Black color which does not retain many stains
  • Suction capacity of 1425 m3/hr.
  • Suitable for kitchens with heavy frying and grilling
  • Features 2 LED lamps of 2 watts each.
  • Controlled by touch censors and motion sensors
  • Maximum noise made by the chimney is 58db
  • Good enough for both 4 and 2 burners
  • 2 baffle filters
  • Power consumption of 180-watt
  • Features Oil collector plate
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Does not come with free installation

2. Hindware Nevio 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

This chimney by Hindware is made of steel and glass for the kitchen which is 200 sq ft or more. The special metal blowers ensure maximum suction capacity and are very durable which makes it the best chimney for kitchen. They are connected to a duct system. The size of Hindware Nevio chimney is 60 cm. Hindware offers a warranty of 5 years on motor and 1 year on the product.

The other features of the chimney are as follows:


  • Curved glass and steel surface looks elegant and is easy to clean
  • Wall mounted product
  • 2 LED lamps
  • Six monthly thermal auto clean for freshness
  • 1200 m3/hr suction capacity
  • Suitable for Indian Kitchens
  • Stainless steel baffle filter uses panels to separate oil and spices
  • Metal oil collector cup
  • It has touch control panel for its functions
  • Noise level as low as 58db
  • Power consumption of 180-watt
  • Works for 2 and 4 burner
  • Comes with installation kit
  • The pipe needs to be replaced sometimes due to wear and tear
  • Installation is chargeable

3. Elica Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1100 m3/h – Escg Bf 60 Ss

The ESCG BF 60 chimney by Elica is made for smaller kitchens. The chimney is 60 cm long. It is available in black and silver color for you to choose from. You can select the color in accordance with your interior design. Elica offers a warranty period of 1 year on the product and 5 years on the motor.

The other features of Elica Chimney ESCG BF are as follows:


  • The suction capacity of the chimney is 1100 m3/hr which is sufficient for a medium sized kitchen
  • The curved glass surface is very attractive
  • The filter are baffle type
  • With push button controls, you can manage your requirements
  • 2 LED lamps of 1.5 W each gives appropriate lighting
  • The stainless steel body gives it strength and durability
  • The power consumed is 230 W
  • The oil collecting bowls have to be cleaned just once a month which makes it one of the best kitchen chimneys in India
  • Suitable for cooktops up to 4 burners
  • It can make a maximum noise up to 58db
  • Does not come with installation kit
  • Does not feature Auto clean

4. Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/h Filter less Auto Clean Chimney

Faber has launched a filter less chimney which not only is easy to maintain but also gives you very effective results. The filter less technology used makes the whole experience of cooking easier and quieter. The oil collection bowls can be cleaned when necessary.

The warranty on the product is for a year and for the motor it is for 5 years.

Some of the other features of the best chimney for kitchen you might want to know are as follows:


  • The size of the kitchen can be 200 sq ft or more
  • It supports up to 4 burner stoves
  • It is a complete solution for kitchens with heavy frying and grilling
  • There are no separate filters, hence, the chimney cleans through air flow angle
  • The controls have 3 levels which supports gesture
  • Appropriate for Indian kitchen
  • Wall mounted chimney
  • Black colored chimney suits most kitchens
  • The curved glass looks fabulous
  • Cleaning can be done without the touch of a button
  • Powerful suction capacity
  • 2 LED lamps of 1.5 watts are sufficient for lighting
  • A bit pricier than other company models

5. Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney – Sabina

Hindware is the company which specializes in kitchen appliances in India. The Sabina 60 cm chimney is ideal for the kitchen of the size 200 sq ft or more. It supports the cooktop with 2 to 4 burners. The wall mount chimney is not only stylish but also gives great results. It is ranked as one of the best chimneys in India.

With the motor power of 200 watts, this chimney is comparatively noiseless. The other features of this chimney can be described as follows:


  • Curved glass surface
  • Black color which hardly retains stains
  • Suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr
  • Warranty by the manufacturer is for 1 year on product and 5 on motor.
  • The baffle filter is appropriate for Indian kitchens
  • Filters require cleaning every 6 months
  • The controls are in the form of push buttons
  • Best suited for kitchens where grilling and a lot of frying is done
  • Auto clean facility
  • 2 LED lamps for adequate lighting
  • Oil collector box
  • The blowers are made of plastic
  • The installation kit as well as installation is not included in the product price

6. Elica 60 cm 880 m3/hr Chimney – Strip CF

For the kitchens where the frying and grilling are not heavy, Elica has come up with a chimney with less power. It is wall mounted, 60 cm in size and works for 2-4 burner stoves.

Elica gives the warranty of 1 year on the product and 5 years on the motor. It consumes 230 Watts power.

The features of Elica Strip CF chimney are as follows:


  • It has cassette filter for filtration
  • The maximum air flow is of 880 m3/hr
  • LED lamps provide enough lighting
  • The controls are done through push buttons
  • The design is attractive and geometrical
  • It has baffle filters
  • Pyramid shaped chimney
  • Wall mounted chimney
  • Silver color gives an elegant look
  • Not enough for 4 burners
  • Installation not included in the price

7. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney – Hood Classy HC BK 90

This is a chimney made for bigger kitchens having 3-5 burners. It is a classy looking chimney with powerful results. The size of this chimney is 90 cm which gives ample space to suck air from more burners. The power required by this chimney is 230 watts.

The company provides a warranty of 1 year on product and 5 years on motor. The different features of this chimney are as follows:


  • Stainless steel and tempered glass body for durability
  • The baffles are also made of stainless steel
  • Suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr
  • Curved glass outlook for better aesthetics
  • Wall mounted chimney
  • Auto clean feature
  • Suitable for kitchens with high frying and grilling work
  • Less noise of 58 db
  • Requires cleaning every 6 months
  • 180 watts power requirements
  • Suitable for kitchens of 200 sq ft and more
  • Removes odors effectively
  • Heat auto clean technology
  • Does not come with installation fittings
  • Installation is done by Faber Company and not by Eurodomo

8. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filter less Auto Clean Chimney  – WDFL HAC

This chimney by Elica: WDFL HAC is made with a filter-less technology. The chimney is made for kitchens where heavy cooking is done. It comes with the high standard of quality of Elica. The curved glass exterior gives you an elegant look.

The warranty of 1 year is given by the manufacturer for the product and 5 years on the motor. The other features of this chimney are as mentioned below:


  • The filter less technology gives you the assurance that the suction capacity is powerful of 1200 m3/hr.
  • The chimney ensures that unhealthy smoke and oil fumes are kept away from your kitchen.
  • The control can be operated by wave of the hand
  • Wall mounted
  • Black color suits every kitchen
  • Touch sensors
  • Oil collector tray
  • LED lamps ensure enough lighting
  • It has heat auto clean technology
  • Less noise of 58db
  • Installation kit included
  • Installation is not free
  • Some customers face service issues

9. Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney – Hood Crest Plus HC SC BK

The Faber 60 cm Hood Crest Plus Chimney is a filter less chimney. It is specially made for bigger kitchens with high level of frying and grilling. The curved glass exterior looks elegant and is also easy to clean.

Faber gives the warranty of 5 years on motor and 1 year on the product itself. The other features are described as below:


  • Wall mounted chimney
  • Filter-less chimney which cleans through the air flow angle rather than a separate filter.
  • Thermal auto clean
  • Electronic touch control
  • Maximum noise level of 58 db
  • Gesture control
  • 1200m3/hr suction power
  • Power consumption of 230 watts
  • Ideal for 2-4 burners of a cook top
  • Keeps your kitchen smoke and smell free
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not include installation
  • Not a ductless chimney

10. Hindware 60cm 700 m3/hr Chimney – Clarissa SS 60, 2 Cassette Filters

Many families, nowadays, are small families and hence the requirements are also low. This chimney by Hindware has low suction capacity for small kitchens with fewer needs. The chimney is suitable for kitchens which are below 100 sq ft. and with lower frying and grilling. This chimney is 60 cm wide. The power consumed by the chimney is 230 Watts.

The warranty given by the company is 5 years on motor and 1 year on the product itself. The other features of this chimney by Hindware are as follows:


  • Works for 2-3 burner stoves
  • Suction capacity of 700 m3/hr
  • The chimney can be controlled by push buttons
  • The pyramid shaped chimney looks good in any kitchen
  • Cassette filters are very economical however they need cleaning every 2 weeks.
  • Low noise level
  • Wall mounted product
  • 2 lamps of 40 w each
  • Steel body for better durability
  • Fixture materials included
  • Low noise level
  • Not suitable for 4 burner gas stove
  • Installation not included

What to look out for in a Kitchen Chimney?

The modern kitchen looks very different from the kitchen of the older days. When in olden days the kitchens were huge and airy, modern day kitchens are small and confined. With the increasing land prices, the homes and the kitchens are becoming smaller and smaller. In earlier days, people used to keep their windows open with a lot of ventilation. However, with the passage of time, the windows and natural air have lost their charm and people prefer their privacy more than the open homes.

Due to all these factors, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the homes free of smoke and smells while cooking. Also, more and more people are becoming allergic to smoke and smell. Enter our hero of the day – “The Kitchen Chimney”. The kitchen chimney has become the need of the hour. Hence, many companies have introduced various models of the chimney. However, when there are so many options, it is easy to get confused and lost about what to buy and what not to buy. People even get confused about their own requirements and often end up buying inappropriate products. Let us look at what you must consider while shopping for the best chimney for kitchen.

1. Size of the Chimney

When you have to buy a chimney it is imperative that you select a chimney that is appropriate to the size of your kitchen. You should first consider the size of your kitchen in square feet. It will not serve your purpose if the size of your chimney and the size of the kitchen do not match. If you have a bigger kitchen with a smaller chimney accompanying it then it will not be enough and the purpose will not be solved. On the other hand, if the chimney is too big vis-à-vis your kitchen then it will not look ideal and your interior design will be ruined.

Secondly, the number of burners on your stove top also matters when you are buying a kitchen chimney. If your chimney does not cover the whole stove top then it will not be enough to keep your home smoke and smell free. Hence, the best kitchen chimney for you will be the one which is just the right size.

2. Suction Power of the Chimney

Every household has a different style of cooking. Some households use less oil while some use more. Some people like to eat more fried and grilled food while some like to use very less oil in their cooking. Depending on the style of cooking and the type of food consumed by the family members, the suction power of the chimney should be decided. If you are among those who use less oil then you can buy a chimney with less suction power otherwise you should go for a chimney with high suction power. So, you should actually study the figures of the suction power before buying a chimney.

3. Kitchen Chimney designs

There are different types of chimneys based on their function and how they can be mounted. All kitchens are differently designed. Every kitchen has a different place for their cook top. Of course, if your cook top is in the center you cannot mount your chimney in the corner or vice versa. Let us have a peek at different chimneys:

• Wall mounted chimney

Most Indian kitchens have their cook tops in the center of their platform. A wall mounted chimney can be mounted anywhere you want on the platform wall. This type of chimneys come in various shapes and sizes for you to select from.

• Island Chimney

There are many kitchens which are island kitchens. Island kitchens feature stove top on the island. There are no walls surrounding the platform and hence a wall mounted chimney will not fit. For this, you will have to buy an island chimney. Island chimney is fixed from the ceiling and it hangs right above the stove. This becomes a very convenient option for you.

• Corner chimney

Corner chimneys are for the kitchen which has “L” shaped kitchen and the stove top is in the corner. In such cases, corner chimneys work best. A corner chimney can be adjusted wherever the stove is. After the work is done, the chimney can be retracted back to be out of way.

• Built-in chimney

The décor of the kitchen matters a lot nowadays. Many people do not want their chimneys to spoil their décor. For such people, built-in chimneys are the best option. The chimney is concealed behind the cabinets to blend with the décor.

4. Ducting in a chimney

The main purpose of a chimney is to suck all the smoke and smell released during cooking and clean the air of the kitchen. For this purpose, the chimney has to suck the air and then filter it. After filtering the air, the chimney releases the clean air somewhere. If it is a ducted chimney then it will release the hot air and smoke outside the kitchen through the duct. However, in case the chimney is ductless then it will clean the air and smoke inside the chimney and then release the same air in the kitchen.

There are also other differences between the two types of chimneys. A ducted chimney uses filters and meshes to filter grime and oil from the air and releases them outside through PVC pipes. On the other hand, a ductless chimney uses charcoal filters to absorb heat, odor and smoke and release the clean air into the kitchen.

Ductless chimneys are less preferred than ducted chimneys as they produce greater noise and needs more maintenance.

5. Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen appliances are as important as their buying and using. If not cleaned properly, a kitchen chimney will collect grime and make your kitchen unhealthy.

First and foremost, you should always empty and clean the oil collector bowls or trays because it’s a place where you will find maximum oil. Secondly, clean the filters. If you have baffle filters, you can remove them and clean them with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use steel brush to scrub the filters. You might damage them. It is better to clean often than to use force to clean after a long time.

Third, you should clean the hood of the chimney. You can clean it once or twice a week as per your use. Soap and water solution can be used to clean it. The use of harsh chemicals should be restrained to remove stains. If you cannot remove stains by yourself, seek professional help.

Another part called a blower shield, needs to be cleaned at regular intervals but you cannot do this yourself. It is better to call a professional to clean it. Most companies also provide AMCs for such work. Regular maintenance will help you increase the efficiency of the chimney.

6. Noise of the suction

The only motive of the kitchen chimney is to suck the polluted air of the kitchen to give way to fresh air. When the suction is done through the fans and blowers, it is obvious that there is going to be some noise. It is impossible to suck air and release it without making any noise.

All the brands of kitchen chimneys give you the maximum amount of noise a particular model makes. You can discern from this data whether you are comfortable with that much noise. If not, then you should probably go for another model. The measurement of noise is given in decibels.

7. Brand name and warranty

Many companies have come up with different models of kitchen chimneys. All the companies have different variants of technology to make the best chimney for Indian kitchen. The Unique Selling Point of each model of each brand is different. Some boast their blowers while others their design. Some their durability while others their suction power. So you should go for a chimney which best suits your needs.

The second important thing is warranty. The maintenance of the chimney is very important and if something happens to your chimney within a short duration you would be in trouble. You should check how much warranty is provided by the manufacturer for your product.

8. Price of the chimney

It is not cheap to buy a kitchen chimney. Your budget matters a lot while buying a kitchen appliance. There are a range of products available in the market with different prices. The chimneys are priced according to the filters they use or the material they are made of. Considering all the aspects, you should watch out for a chimney which fits in your budget and is also durable. While going though prices, you should also consider discounts and sales to give you the best chimney price in India.

9. Other features

There are many other small and big features of the chimney which can determine its use and its price. You should check these features and pay for those which are helpful to you.

Types of Kitchen Chimneys

Well, when we are learning so much about chimneys how can we forget about the types of chimneys available? According to the design, a chimney differs in functions. Before deciding, which is the best kitchen chimney for your home, you should look into which design will be suitable for your requirements. Let us discuss all the types of designs of kitchen chimneys in detail.

1. Curved Glass Chimney

Curved glass chimneys are perhaps the best chimneys for Indian kitchen and hence they are the most popular ones. The specialty of curved glass chimney is that it has separate units for indoor and outdoor. This helps to reduce the noise of the chimney to a certain level. Secondly, the curved glass chimney has a better suction capacity than any other chimneys. Also, the other advantage is that of the increased coverage which is beneficial while cooking oily food. The curved glass chimney also provides focused lighting which makes it easier to cook.

Curved Glass Chimney

2. Straight Line Chimney

In the days where minimalism is taking over, straight line chimneys are becoming popular. They are ideal for the kitchens which have limited space and where wall mounted chimneys are not possible to be installed. The chimney is specially designed to fit in smaller spaces and provide efficient working. This chimney also frees up the space above.

Straight Line Chimney

This chimney is capable to remove smoke not only from the stove top but also from other parts of the kitchen. The suction capacity of this chimney is high and so is its efficiency. You can easily remove the filters for cleaning.

3. Angular Chimney

Angular chimneys are perhaps the most elegant looking kitchen chimneys available in India. They are not voluminous and occupy less space. Not only in looks but angular chimneys are also very efficient in sucking smoke and other grime from the kitchen. So if the thought of “which is the best kitchen chimney?” came to your mind, then you should consider an angular chimney.

Angular Chimney

4. Pyramid Chimney

Pyramid chimneys have pyramid shaped hood. They are the most common chimneys around. These chimneys have integrated baffle filters for the purpose of suction. These filters assure low power consumption hence they are economical in maintenance.

Pyramid Chimney

Cleaning of this chimney is also very easy due to its shape and size.

5. Box type Chimney

The box type chimney is generally placed on an island kitchen. The box type chimney is fitted from the ceiling mounted cook hood. Aesthetically, this chimney looks beautiful and stylish. This chimney is made of high quality steel and glass. The surface of the chimney is dirt resistant so you do not have to worry too much about cleaning it again and again. There are LED lights and digital controls as additional features which makes this chimney one of the best chimneys for kitchen.

Box Type Chimney

Types of Chimney Filters

Filters are the main part of any chimney. They are responsible for purifying the air by filtering the oil particles, grime, dust or smells. There are basically 3 types of chimney filters used:

1. Cassette Filters

The Cassette filters also known as mesh filters are made of overlapping layers of aluminum mesh which makes minute holes. When the stove is turned on, the suction is done. The filters separate oil, dust, and grime from the air through the holes.

Cassette filters

The pores get filled up eventually and have to be cleaned often. As the pores are being filled, the suction power reduces and the chimney starts making noise. If you have a chimney with cassette filter, you will have to maintain the filters more often than other types of filters.

2. Baffle Filters

Baffle filters are specially designed for Indian kitchens. Indian cooking is different from any other style of cooking. It uses extra oil and spices. This makes the food aromatic but let’s face it that it also makes the kitchen smellier. Baffle filters are made of aluminum or steel in multiple curve structures. This alters the course of air.

The filter uses the innovative technology of “cut and slash” mechanism to separate oil and odor from the smoke. The oil gets collected in the curves of aluminum or steel. However, it does not reduce the suction capacity of the chimney. The cleaning can be done every 2 or 3 months.

3. Charcoal Filter

Charcoal filter is also known as carbon filter. This filter is filled with charcoal granules to absorb the smell and oil from the air which is suctioned. The charcoal filter comes with baffle or cassette filters as an option.

These filters are also used in ductless chimneys. These filters cannot be cleaned and have to be replaced whenever required. Depending on the level of cooking, they can be replaced every 3 to 6 months.

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands

When we say that you should be careful about which brand you should purchase, it becomes our responsibility to give you a brief idea about the best kitchen chimney brands in India. There are many companies manufacturing chimneys, however, we will give a short description of 5 brands that manufacture the best chimneys for Indian kitchen.

1. Elica

Elica SpA and Elica PB Private Limited formed a joint venture in 2010 to introduce kitchen appliances in India. Elica has established a futuristic manufacturing unit in Pune, Maharashtra. The machinery and equipment are imported from Italy. The process of manufacturing is also assisted from Italy. Hence it gives an edge to the appliances manufactured by Elica. All the appliances including the chimneys are of the best quality. The features offered by Elica in the kitchen chimneys are very unique and easy to use. The kitchen chimneys by Elica are highly efficient and elegant in looks.

2. Hindware

Hindware Appliances is renowned for the trustworthiness for over 60 years. The advanced technology adopted by Hindware and excellent quality controls introduced have made the kitchen chimneys manufactured here highly effective. The kitchen chimneys not only look good but also are easy to maintain. Hindware offers the best kitchen chimney price in India.

3. Faber

Faber has production plants in China, Turkey and India. It has headquarters in Italy. Out of every 2 hoods in UK, 1 is Faber. The objective of Faber in India is to introduce kitchen chimneys which are good in quality, safety and safe for the environment. The chimneys by Faber are aesthetically appealing and practical to use.

4. Eurodomo

Eurodomo is a brand owned by Franke Faber India Pvt. Ltd. However, it is a renowned European brand. The kitchen chimneys by Eurodomo are exquisite looking and efficient. Eurodomo has been providing high quality products to more than 35 countries. It has its headquarters in Switzerland. It plans to give high quality in best prices.

5. Inalsa

With its headquarters in Spain, Inalsa was established in 1967. Inalsa has been providing high quality products and professional services to consumers since then. The quality testing norms of Inalsa are quite high. The kitchen chimneys by Inalsa are quite efficient because of the same.

Advanced Features of Kitchen Chimneys

We have discussed all the regular features of kitchen chimneys. However, the needs of the Indian kitchen are varied and many. Some of the most advanced features of kitchen chimneys in India are as follows:

1. Buzzer

This is a feature in some chimneys which alerts you when it is a time to clean the chimney.

2. LED light indicator

This is an indicator of the chimney not working properly

3. Auto clean function

Some chimneys come with auto clean function while some come without it. It is easier to maintain an auto clean function. You need not even press a button to clean the chimney.

4. Motion Sensor

Chimneys nowadays come with motion sensors. It recognizes the gestures of your hands for controlling your chimney. It is literally as easy as waving your hand to get something done.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what height should the chimney be placed?

The chimney should be placed around 24 to 30 inches above the stove.

2. What kind of filters are the best for Indian kitchen?

As far as Indian cooking is concerned, baffle filters give the best results.

3. How much suction power should a chimney have?

Basically, the suction power is the capacity of the chimney to purify the air in the kitchen. The suction power should be 10 times the air volume in a given space for best results. Hence, you should calculate the volume of your kitchen space before buying a chimney.

4. What if my chimney is making noise?

You should first check the filters whether they are jammed. Cleaning the filters might help. Next clean the oil collector box. Also, when doing installation, ensure that there are less number of bends in the ducting.

5. Can I install the chimney myself?

It is better to call a professional to install your chimney for a better result.

6. How to clean the filters of the chimney?

Remove the filters and dip them in warm soap water for 15-20 minutes. Wash thoroughly till the filters are completely clean. After washing dry the filters in sunlight and attach them again. Do this as often as required.

7. What is the ideal duct length?

The duct should be as short as possible. The longer is the distance, the higher will be the noise. Avoid 90 degrees turn in ducting. 45 degrees turns are the best.

8. How to best clean the surface of the chimney?

The best way to clean the surface of the chimney is to clean it with a muslin cloth dipped in soap and water.

How does a Kitchen Chimney work?

A kitchen chimney is an electric appliance to absorb smoke and grime while you are cooking. There is a motor inside the chimney which rotates and sucks in the air from the kitchen. Different types of filters are installed in different types of models of kitchen chimney. These filters trap the oil and other particles in them which clean the atmosphere of the kitchen. In ductless chimney, the absorbed air is cleaned and then released in the kitchen. While in the chimney with duct, the absorbed air is released outside making way for fresh air in the kitchen. This is how the kitchen is cleaned of smoke, soot, smells, and oil. You can clean the filters from time to time so that they do not lose their suction capacity. Also, empty the oil collector box every time you clean the filters.


In a few words, the best chimney for Indian kitchen is the one which fits that particular kitchen appropriately. You should consider all your requirements before selecting a kitchen chimney.

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