How to use a Food Processor

A food processor is virtually the helping hand of the household. You want a smoothie in the morning breakfast? Ask your teenager to make one in the food processor. You want some rotis for lunch? Knead the dough in the food processor and cook the rotis faster. Chop the vegetables, grate the cheese, grind that masala or mince your favourite meat. Every one of these things can be done faster and easily with the help of your food processor.

How to use a Food Processor

How to use a Food Processor

Food processors are one of the most versatile electronic gadgets of our times. Once you buy a food processor and use it for some time, you will wonder how you did manage to cook without a food processor for so long. All the tedious chores of your cooking will be done by a single machine and that too in a jiffy.  It will literally take minutes to do tasks that used to take forever. Moreover, make sure to check our in depth review of the best food processors in India. Let us look at how you can use your food processor at home:

Assemble the food processor

Most food processors are different from each other but most of them can be assembled in similar ways. The first step is to attach the plastic bowl to the electric base. Make sure it locks properly otherwise the food processor will not start. Attach the blade you want for the type of the task which needs to be done.

Add your recipe ingredients

In some of the recipes, you need to put all your ingredients at once while in others you need to put few ingredients at the start and add others after you have mixed the first ones. After you have put in all the ingredients, secure the lid on the bowl. Make sure it is attached well to prevent any mishaps. Liquid ingredients should be cooled down before adding in. Also, if the ingredients are too big, make sure you make smaller chunks before adding them in the food processor.

Process your food

Start the dial on the speed you need. You can select the speed by turning the speed dial. Some processes like liquefying require faster speeds while some processes like chopping need controlled speed. There is also a pulse button if you just need a burst of power for a second or two. This button can be used if you do not want the food processor to run for a long time.

Add additional ingredients

After you have processed the food once, you can add any extra ingredients the recipe calls for at this point of time. You can also add some ingredients through the feeding tube while the food processor is on. Make sure the food processor is at a low speed while you add the ingredients.

Clean your food processor

Cleaning properly is very important for the hygiene of the household as well as for the proper running of the food processor. You can separate the blades and bowls and can wash in the sink with warm water and soap. You can also use a dishwasher to clean them. Use damp cloth to wipe out any food smears or stains on the electric machine.

Things to do using a Food Processor

You can do a number of things using a food processor. Especially in the Indian household, there are a lot of ways to use the food processor effectively. Some of them are described below. However, the uses of food processor are not limited to these.


Shredding can be done very quickly with the use of a food processor. It only takes minutes to shred vegetables like gourds, carrots, or cabbage. You can make the gajar ka halwa your mother used to make in a lot lesser time using your food processor. You can also shred radish to make the famous mooli ke parathe in minutes.


Chopping can be done faster with the use of food processor. Also, the pieces come out evenly making your food look good and taste good. You can prepare the salads in no time at all by chopping the vegetables and fruits in few minutes.


Slicing can be done in no time when you do it in a food processor. You can make salads by slicing vegetables faster. Or you can also make pakoras by slicing potatoes and onions in a food processor in a minute.


Almost all the dishes in Indian food require an onion and garlic paste as well as a tomato puree. You can prepare all of them in your food processor in seconds. In a few minutes, you can make the sabji which tastes like heaven.


You can mix the ingredients you want to mix very quickly in the food processor and also at an even consistency. You can mix dry ingredients of the garam masala by mixing all the ingredients in the jar.


Grating is basically shredding done with smaller holed blades. If the shredding is very thin, it is called grating. Grating of cheese for making pizza and pasta can be done much faster in a food processor. Also, you can grate vegetables like carrots to make a salad.


There is an attachment in the food processor for whipping cream and making scrambled eggs. You can also use this attachment for making the icing for a home baked cake for your loved ones.


Kneading of any dough can be done using your food processor. The dough can be of rotis, paranthas, and other breads. You can do the kneading easily as well as without much effort.

Check out the attached video about your food processor.

What can I make using my Food Processor?

You can make practically anything using your food processor. You can make rotis, sabjis, salads, desserts, shakes, smoothies, masalas, etc. using your food processor.

Pro Tips

  • The use of correct blade and jar is very important for the use of food processor. You will learn more with time but till then you should refer the manual before using the food processor.
  • Puree the vegetables before adding the stock while making soup. This will prevent the forming of lumps in the food processor.
  • Thaw the meat and vegetables before putting them in the food processor
  • Do not use very hot liquids in the food processors. You might end up in a mess.

Safety Concerns for New Buyers

  • Do not use the food processor for a longer period of time continuously. This might lead to overheating of motor.
  • Do not clean the electric base with water; just use wet cloth instead.
  • Do not use the food processor without the lid attached properly. Take care that you do no cut your fingers.
  • Always change the blade and bowl after disconnecting the electric supply.


Food processor will become an unavoidable part of your cooking once you start using it. If you have any concerns please comment below. Also comment on how you like to use your food processor. :)

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